plastic at vacuform plastic at vacuform

Plastic Components like automotive components

Vacuform meet the needs of a variety of automotive companies supplying plastic automotive components. Plastic automotive components have a variety of generic and customised plastic applications.

Vacuform makes sure that we provide quality plastic automotive components with high level or productivity and low cost and we will provide a solution for your specific project..

Vacuform are renowned for its technological and sophisticated expertise in the customised molding of plastic automotive components. They are able to manufacture a wide range of components and the plastic automotive components always meets the high global quality standards.

Some examples of plastic components produced by Vacuform
Energy absorbing foam for Bumper Systems Energy absorbing foam for Bumper Systems   Spoilers Spoilers
Consoles Consoles   Finishers Finishers
Foam Filled Components Foam Filled Components   Mud Flaps Mud Flaps
Surgery Equipment Cushions Surgery Equipment Cushions   Shooting Targets etc. Shooting Targets etc.

Some of our automotive clients who use the plastic automotive components are Ford Motor Corporation (Ford & Mazda) and Nissan SA.



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